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Boost Your Curb Appeal With a Pop of Color

Schedule professional vinyl siding painting services with The Lazy Mans Painter in Cheney & Spokane, WA

In the past, most paints haven't been designed with the glossy surface of vinyl siding in mind. If you used a normal exterior paint, it simply wouldn't stick. That's why The Lazy Mans Painter in Cheney and Spokane, WA uses the newest Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paints to give your home's exterior a pop of color. This new mixture of exterior paint is made to stick to your vinyl siding without fading or peeling.

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Choose any color for you home

If you have darker siding on your home, you can easily give your exterior a bright appearance with the new Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint. Unlike other exterior paints, VinylSafe can resist warping or buckling and prevent permanent water damage to your siding.

Choose from over 100 color options and boost your home's curb appeal today. Call The Lazy Mans Painter for a consultation.